Today we’re going to talk about fundraising. Fundraising is always quite a stressful process, it is not an easy task raising a significant amount of money in a short period of time, well which more often than not becomes quite long. A few months ago, in reponse to this challenge, Angel List launched a concept called Rolling Funds.

It’s new, its intriguing and so I chatted with Carlos Diaz, who launched Diaspora Ventures a few months ago and started raising money through a rolling fund. Here is what I asked him:

– What are you looking to achieve on the tech scene with Diaspora Ventures?- You co-founded Diaspora Ventures in July 2020 and launched a rolling fund. Why a rolling fund instead of a classic VC fund ?
– You have raised 2.5M$ so far. How did you go about it and how does the fundraising process work in general through a rolling fund ?
– A quarterly fund launch means that you will be fundraising all the time. Sounds quite tedious and time consuming, will you be on the road all the time ?
– What about the terms and conditions and the exit process ? Are they different?
– In time, do you think that rolling funds could replace certain categories of classic VC funds ?

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