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We at Ace Advisors are here to help you tell your story efficiently to
existing and potential investors, thus laying the foundation for successful fundraisings.


Writing your story

You are undoubtedly an expert at what you do; however, are you telling your story in a way that has a long lasting impact on your audience? A good and authentic story is a sureshot way to differentiate yourself from the crowd and we don’t need to tell you how competitive fundraising has become.

We are here to help you create your unique narrative that speaks directly to your target audience. To do so, we begin by listening. Where are you coming from and where do you see yourself going in the future? What are your strengths and your values? We then weave that information into a compelling story, whether it is in the form of top line messaging or core investor presentations.

Designing and executing your communication plan

Now that you have your story, you need to communicate it to your investors through the right channels and at the right frequency. These parameters are becoming increasingly important in a world of information overload and over-solicited investors.

We at Ace Advisors will help you design and execute a powerful communication plan with meaningful content adapted to the specificities of your business and investor segmentation.

Preparing you for investor meetings

Do you sometimes feel you are not being entirely heard at investor meetings? It probably means that the delivery of your story lacks impact.
You do not need to be a master orator in order to be a good presenter; there are tricks and techniques to help create a better connection.

We are here not only to help you with those techniques, but also to coach you on handling tough questions from investors. While the quality of the response counts for a lot, its delivery is vital; at the end of the day, investors invest in you!

Improving your presentation documents

According to studies by Bain and Preqin, while over 50% of investors say that the quality of marketing documentation is important to them, only 2 to 7% find it to be up to the mark. Running a business on a daily basis can sometimes deprive you of the distance needed in reviewing your marketing. It is important to not only be the best in class, but to be perceived as the best in class.

We at Ace Advisors bring to you that outside expert view and help you improve your presentation documents in a way that investors take home the correct messages and a thorough understanding. We are also equipped with the necessary expertise to draft marketing documentation for private equity funds (executive summary, slideshow, PPM).




Growing up in India, I used to love participating in eloquence competitions, debates and plays. That is where I developed my speaking and presentation skills. I have been living in Paris for the past 13 years and have expanded these skills to the French language, which I speak fluently.

I entered the fascinating world of private equity 10 years ago as Fund Analyst at Global Private Equity, a placement agent. After two years at GPE, I joined Truffle Capital, a leading European player in venture capital, as Head of Investor Relations. Inspired by the entrepreneurial culture at Truffle Capital and thanks to encouragement from my mentors, I set up Ace Advisors in 2017.

I have an executive diploma in marketing from INSEAD, a Masters in Banking and Finance from the University of Dauphine (Paris IX), and a Master 1 in Management Sciences from the University of Assas (Paris II). I have also passed the AMF certification and Level 1 of the CFA exam.



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