We are seeing more and more private equity firms diversify into new strategies. A lot of them have truly become investment platforms deploying several investment strategies, some connected to one another, others where the connection is more difficult to spot.

To tell us more about the platform strategy today is Laurent Benard, CEO of Capza. Here is what I asked him:

– Who is Capza?

– What pushed you to broaden your horizons until very recently integrating venture capital through the acquisition of Time for Growth ?

– We are currently going through unprecedented times because of the Coronavirus situation. How are each of your strategies positioned in today’s market ?

– How do investors react to your platform strategy?

– Do you believe that with a platform strategy a management company is better equipped to face an economic crisis ?

– Can a platform strategy with large amounts of AuM make these firms too big to fail?

– How does Capza’s future look in the next few years ? More acquisitions in the pipe ?

– Do you have any personal favorites amongst the different segments you operate in ?

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