I love the summer months. It’s the time of the year when I can book entire mornings, afternoons and sometimes the entire day to do nothing but think. And plan.

When I woke up today morning, I did not switch on my computer. Nor my phone. I only gathered three things to work: a pen, a few sheets of paper and my favorite coffee mug.

My objective for the morning? Think about where I want to take my business starting September. So far 2020 has been particularly eventful.

  • I signed up new clients for my communication advisory business despite the long lockdown.
  • My weekly private equity newsletter seriously took off.
  • I launched a podcast and recorded 11 episodes with stunning guests.
  • And I pre-launched a networking community idea.

The more projects I have, the more alive I feel. But as a rational business woman, I have to streamline certain ideas and develop others in a way that will add the most value to my clients and the PE community at large.

The notion of community is so important, whatever the business. And often it is not so easy to find your tribe. It is one of my ambitions to help PE professionals build the tribe they truly belong to. The pre-launch of this idea with a first networking session proved that I was on the right track. So today’s strategic thinking session was devoted to this latest project of mine. And I’m hoping to bring you a lot of value. And contacts. While having a few laughs together of course.

By the ways, if you want to participate in the project and boost your networking, reach out to me.

I truly believe that sharing is caring. So if you think certain people around you could be interested as well, share their details.

Tomorrow morning will be another strategic thinking session for me, this time regarding my newsletter.

Do you also take time off to do strategic thinking? I’d love to hear about it.